Trump backs off national emergency threat

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • CNN's Jake Tapper discusses the government shutdown at day 21, tying it with the longest government shutdown of all time, where nearly one million Americans did not receive a paycheck. #CNN #News
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  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith   3 hours ago

    Citizens that allow a degenerate, ignorant, orange-haired moron to occupy the office of presidency should be euthanized!

  • millennium genre
    millennium genre   4 hours ago

    Here's the fact America was built by immigrants mostly mexicans n me personally I can't live without mexicans but I think Trump mad cause they populated n maybe 1 time they would agree for chump change to build the wall and now they so Good at what they do they up there price now Trump can't afford so he ask for there sponsors SMDH

  • lavertable
    lavertable   4 hours ago

    would be better to super tax billionaires and take money from lying news stations . just take money from America's scammers

  • Tuyet Tran
    Tuyet Tran   6 hours ago

    Let's the North Korea and the chinese secured the Wall. Illegal alien will think twice about crossing. America spend over 100 Billions DOLLARS a year for secured a border. To built the wall may cost of 50 billions. We still have to take care of illegal immigrants from Tax payers. Please take care of legal American first. Please do the math. This country is going backward.

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous   7 hours ago

    what bs...try income insurance...anyone who is supposed to be smart enough to have a fed job would have income replacement insurance as part of their union better get ye'seffs a mo betta union...Trump gave it a good try. Stuff is evil. If you have half a brain get out now before Damien becomes president.

  • Ryan Adam
    Ryan Adam   8 hours ago

    Its really unfortunate that the democrats care more for illegals than these Americans.

  • Lewis  Obinna
    Lewis Obinna   8 hours ago

    I hope trumpers aint surprised. He is doing what he promised. So, deal with it.

  • mjs1231
    mjs1231   20 hours ago

    Build the wall dont wait do it now. Wall off cnn permenently

  • Elizabeth Laughlin
    Elizabeth Laughlin   21 hours ago

    The shutdown is bankrupting the US. Even the wall would bankrupt the country. The American people can flee to Canada.

  • Nine's Catudio
    Nine's Catudio   22 hours ago

    Hey, I am a cat, I do not take sides... But, seriously - it is so pathetic to suggest garage sales to those who might not even have anything of value to sell? Why do they have to support this crazy cat fight by getting rid of their possessions???Give those people their paychecks back - and then continue your hiss match over the litter box however else you choose.

  • Raven Gaming
    Raven Gaming   22 hours ago

    And this president will die because if a emergency shutdown happens and more people die he will go down a way he did not anticipate

  • Lucas Johnson
    Lucas Johnson   23 hours ago

    This shit is ridiculous the government needs a overhaual should not be able to stop jobs because of a dissatisfaction this is a weakness that needs patched up

  • Jaime Lopez
    Jaime Lopez   1 days ago

    Mexico is going to pay for the wall!!😂😂😂

  • Issa Channel
    Issa Channel   1 days ago

    He can’t do a national emergency without government approval

  • Jinn Mallik
    Jinn Mallik   1 days ago

    Somethings going on and it's never that thing " the wall " never that thing the Government is banging on about totally focused on attracting every ones attention...World Wide the US is being Humiliated, tucking tail running out Syria replacing Boots with empty threats, Russia & Iran continue assisting Assad...Watching Ukraine go it alone against Russia after having started conflict...A decade back America was deep running rampant, today the US comes a embarrassment not allowed to gain a foothold any Nation. Taiwan the property of China which Trump has flexed for has sent word sent Aircraft Carriers, the verbal threats China simply has ignored a kick to the tits and flex no more does Trump Aircraft carriers them Battleships China has manufactured high tech missiles, how many can the Carrier dodge before killing Dead Entire CrewHaving blown out the sea America's Might it's Pride & Joy How do you Trump Reply..Somethings going on and it's never that thing the Government is banging on about.

  • Jo S
    Jo S   1 days ago

    Notice CNN never bash Democrats 🙏🏻🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Jo S
    Jo S   1 days ago

    Cnn always bashing trump so obvious they make up FAKE NEWS

  • Diaz Fan
    Diaz Fan   1 days ago


  • Diane Farley
    Diane Farley   1 days ago

    When you earn the hate, you get the hate. Mr. Trump and GOP, gtf out of office!!!

  • mkbxtr44
    mkbxtr44   1 days ago

    This made me laugh about trumpy WAY longer than I want to say... Just a pic, no hacking.

  • HenryTheGreat
    HenryTheGreat   1 days ago

    Wow just wow. Ignorant dolts everywhere. We need a wall, morons. Do you want someone that used to chainsaw people for a living coming over here or another uncivilized immigrant here?

  • Clark Spent
    Clark Spent   1 days ago

    Really, the wall is a reality bitches.How dumb can you be to let a reporter run your life .lolWe got our wall.Not sure what cnn is talking about

  • CZ izinci
    CZ izinci   1 days ago

    Where are the Trumpsters now? Same place like Brexiters will be in a few months. I always knew you would eat your own words...

  • Mel Tan
    Mel Tan   1 days ago

    The country is in crisis! Many already died because of criminals entering our southern borders killing innocent lives. Build that Wall now!

  • Zj Anderson
    Zj Anderson   1 days ago

    thank you Nancy Pelosi! hold strong! enough is enough!