Types of Parents

  • Published on: December 5 Jun 2014

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  • Dove Smith
    Dove Smith   11 hours ago

    I absolutely love her clothes omg where do you shop???

  • Ha Tim
    Ha Tim   18 hours ago

    Back ground 😀

  • Ha Tim
    Ha Tim   18 hours ago

    Everyone is a kid

  • Manmeet Kaur
    Manmeet Kaur   19 hours ago

    “* I want to eat pingles I eat pingles “

  • Saloni Gilbert
    Saloni Gilbert   1 days ago

    I have Cool cats and makeover failure and I hate General parents. I aint gonna be friends with people with hateful parents

  • 457민 욘진•_
    457민 욘진•_   1 days ago

    6:49 Uhmmmm.. yes that is the type of my dad but he's really funny and we love him sometimes he also the type of putting rules and he don't make it he wants us his children to make it😒💔 he let us do what we want but he still scary🌚My mom is the first type like she letting me do everything I like even if I can marry a Korean guy It's okay. But I CAN'T ....*It's okay both r scary*

  • Nasrin Sultana
    Nasrin Sultana   1 days ago

    9:00Has this made your day 'cuz it sure did mine😂😂❤❤❤💕💕

  • NoOneImportant :3
    NoOneImportant :3   2 days ago

    I got an ad for an app called Fabulous, and it was for breaking bad habits like eating fast food. Like, the only way to get me to stop eating french fries is to take the fries away! And the only way to make the fries go away is for me to eat them!

  • Dávid Izsó
    Dávid Izsó   2 days ago

    My father is cool! When I slept over my friend at the age of 13, I forgot to call them, and when I called them next day, my father said: "Ok, I thought you were at your mother's. (They were divorced).

  • Rosie Wood
    Rosie Wood   4 days ago

    i have one word for this videorelatable

  • Emma Duer
    Emma Duer   5 days ago

    My parents is the 1 but just a little stricter

  • Awkward
    Awkward   5 days ago

    Why Can't We Be Friends parentsThe ones who split and are constantly fighting with each other over who gets the kids-

  • Dorky Gaming
    Dorky Gaming   5 days ago

    I don't eat in the kitchen i eat in my room

  • Swag Amethyst
    Swag Amethyst   5 days ago

    Me: I'm going to a party with some friends.Dad: Are you going to drink?Me: No... Dad: Are you going to smoke?Me: No...Dad: Are you going to take drugs?Me: No...Dad: Then why are going?

  • Melody
    Melody   5 days ago

    I’m lucky because I have the cool cat and I didn’t need to make them... my sister did

  • Jessie Houston
    Jessie Houston   6 days ago

    She skipped the mia parents ex. She just told a story. No Hate

  • fake name
    fake name   6 days ago

    my parents are liberals. kill me.

  • Devya Chand
    Devya Chand   6 days ago

    What about he abusive parent yes my mum abuses me

  • Seriy Lee
    Seriy Lee   1 weeks ago

    #6 Parents that JUST care about your negative actionsBlaming you for your faults. Shouting at you to prove their point. Cursing you and wishing you the same kids in the future as you used to be. #7 The A**holesThey do not care about you in any way. Hit you or the mother from time to time. Might be drunk or smoke weed. Never hold peace within the "family" #8 The disappeared They give you to someone. (Can be gradma, aunt whatever) And dissappear. You didn't see them in ages and you either start to hate them or stop you don't care anymore. #9 The suddenly divorcedOne of your parents is getting divorced, for you suddenly. And ever since you never talked to him/her face to face. And one day you get the information that they married again in another country and have a "so nice family"

  • Beth Hunter
    Beth Hunter   1 weeks ago

    I know someone with an M.I.A parent. He hit me and my brother continuously, then kicked my friend. His mother did nothing about it. I punched him in the face.I was six.He ran off crying, and suddenly I’m in trouble with his mom, while my mom is just sitting there serenely like his mom was two seconds ago when he was hitting me, mentally thinking, ‘Yeah, don’t care.’ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF MAH LIFE

  • Niall Does Gacha
    Niall Does Gacha   1 weeks ago

    My mom is a cool cat parent but my dad is a makeover faliure

  • Chloe Clark
    Chloe Clark   1 weeks ago

    The controlling parant this parant isn't scary but just doesn't let you do anything I'm 13 and I'm not allowed any where I have to go to bed at 9 whilst all my friends go to bed at 10 HELP ME

  • Ezri Lopes
    Ezri Lopes   1 weeks ago

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