Our Limo Got PIT MANEUVERED! Demolition Drag Racing at Cleetus and Cars 2018!

  • Published on: December 18 Nov 201

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  • Runtime : 11.35


  • Aaron Moats
    Aaron Moats   1 weeks ago

    You should actually have a real derby that would be cool I would like to watch that

  • Aussie Shane
    Aussie Shane   2 weeks ago

    2:09 Look at the Parachute as it lands onto the "Track Surface" and then it Bounces into the Air before it starts to Inflates.. STRANGE

  • tnc4700
    tnc4700   1 months ago

    6:31 spoon livery? lmao

  • Urwin Hoogenboom
    Urwin Hoogenboom   1 months ago

    6:32 min.. What the hell is this sport? Lol haha 😂 😂 😂

  • Mike Ofir
    Mike Ofir   1 months ago


    1WORLD GAMING   1 months ago

    0:48 it's only the the bottom of the tire that's flat no problem :)

  • Bruce  Frye
    Bruce Frye   1 months ago

    And that's why you blowed the crown vic it's called over revving your ass was shining!!! Hope it was worth it

  • Dennis Throckmorton
    Dennis Throckmorton   1 months ago

    Cleetus McFarland that black car that died sure came back with heavenly vengance OMG lol

  • Mason Smith
    Mason Smith   1 months ago

    Jesus please come to Indiana and do this

  • Phantom Diesel
    Phantom Diesel   1 months ago

    1:27 what happen to your open Face visor policy?

  • Kremerneon
    Kremerneon   1 months ago

    Exhaust smoke rings are the awesome.

  • CptCannibal
    CptCannibal   1 months ago

    Every single part of my being hates the 1320 commentary idiot that’s in this video. (Not Clertus)I hate every video he is in. I hate his voice. I hate his face. I hate everything he is as a human being. ..........aside from that I have no opinion.

    XHD ULTRAWALK   1 months ago


  • MrSmotheredHope
    MrSmotheredHope   1 months ago

    Guys!! Guys!!! It's been 2 months since Holley has pooped! I think you know what needs to be done :)

  • Djuan Burns
    Djuan Burns   1 months ago

    Hey Cletus amazing videos I love you guys you inspired me to be come a professional racer thank you :D

  • Mr. kirouac
    Mr. kirouac   1 months ago

    Cletus I just sent you a link on FB for a full blown chevy SS Nascar chasie it's $1500!!! There is the link idk if it will work here but I jerrmy needs it!!! Competition for the Dale truck!!!https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/564637443984044/

  • Jarett 0808
    Jarett 0808   1 months ago

    Who else saw Gavin (itsjusta6) get fist bump rejected

  • Anthony Mazzetta
    Anthony Mazzetta   1 months ago

    The smoke rings from vicky was so sick but seeing her get rammed hurt this honda boys feelings😂

  • Buck Berthod
    Buck Berthod   1 months ago

    6:38 That is so awesome seeing the ORIGINAL Sr. paint job!!

  • Drunk3n_M0nk
    Drunk3n_M0nk   1 months ago

    Dewbaru freakin owned it out there. That AWD was way too OP.

  • avery gentry
    avery gentry   1 months ago

    braidinton motorsports they stood up for that event cause that track is fuuukd up! no telling how much oil and tranny fluid is on that track now

  • alberto banuelos
    alberto banuelos   1 months ago

    Love the relationship between boosted boiz team & Cleetus team!! Keep up the good work both channels are great channels!!

  • BANtheMAN
    BANtheMAN   1 months ago

    — Bro do you even vape!?Me: 8:14😂🤣

  • Braedan Blade
    Braedan Blade   1 months ago

    Pissed off at the destruction of the LTD, and the Mercedes. They're not making them anymore.

  • MJM’s Workshop
    MJM’s Workshop   1 months ago

    Who all is now searching Craigslist and Marketplace for cheap demolition drag beaters?

  • Inferno_Spud
    Inferno_Spud   1 months ago

    Dude if you just uploaded all your raw gopro footages I'd watch it all

  • SquishSquashDude
    SquishSquashDude   1 months ago

    8:14 ...............She be Choochin...............YeeeAh