• Published on: December 21 Feb 201

  • Dumb Luck AGAIN!! We walked straight into a Honey Hole LOADED with early 1700’s coins. At first we were thought we found a broken CASHE or some sort of HOARD. We found plenty of Buttons & Relics mixed in the iron patch so we believe we found some sort of Trading Post or Mechant Site. This is our best coin day ever, but the best find of the day wasn’t even a coin. UNBELIEVABLE!!The Hoover Boys Gear on eBay: products we use and recommend: gear we use:Predator Tools: Ranger DiggerPredatortools.comBuzz Wilson Bomb Sheath (Pinpointer & Hand Digger):https://www.seriousdetectin...Enjoy FREE shipping at:http://www.kellycodetectors...With promo code: HOOVERBOYS
  • Runtime : 36.31


  • The Hoover Boys
    The Hoover Boys   5 months ago

    Thank you all for the kind words ans continued support! Attached are the links of the gear we use and recommend. HHThe Hoover Boys Gear on eBay: gear we use and recommend: Tools: Ranger DiggerPredatortools.comBuzz Wilson Bomb Sheath (Pinpointer & Hand Digger):

  • GrumpyDadsVarietyTV
    GrumpyDadsVarietyTV   1 days ago

    Incredible Finds way to go, can't wait for Spring to go out to start DETECTING again.

  • Pia Frantti
    Pia Frantti   2 days ago

    I want to know how much those coins are worth today?

  • Will Woods
    Will Woods   2 days ago

    Outstanding! Those coins go for 300 bucks a pop possibly.

  • No One
    No One   4 days ago

    You'll know how loyal your buddies are...the next time you hit your permission and there are fresh holes EverywhereNever again!

  • Steve Velez
    Steve Velez   5 days ago

    I wish people like you guys live where I’m at no one would even waste a day to do this but I would. It’s lonely doing it by myself

  • Geronimo
    Geronimo   6 days ago

    What book do you guys use to identify coins ?

  • remus
    remus   6 days ago

    Did you Search in Vietnam ? i heard there’s a lot of steel & coins in the ground.

  • Jon Jones
    Jon Jones   6 days ago

    idiots with your fist bumps and taking the Lord's name in vain. thumbs down

  • Leslie Gray
    Leslie Gray   1 weeks ago

    Cool!!! I didn't realize that the U.S. ever made a half-cent coin...

  • Celtic coinshooting
    Celtic coinshooting   1 weeks ago

    imagine how good that place will be after next plough... would be awesome to see you boys hittin that spot again as soon as its ploughed, id keep my eye on the crops lol

  • Jeanne Collins
    Jeanne Collins   1 weeks ago

    hey guys you seem to know coins very you know anything about 1753 silver Mark 1,000 units? my father has one but Noone seems to know anything about it. any tip would be appreciated. ty

  • GypsyKing
    GypsyKing   1 weeks ago

    do you want to find silver? than go for the gold

  • Kathleen Norton
    Kathleen Norton   1 weeks ago

    I thought people use to be frugal and cautious. I wonder if there wasn't a bar of some type there and the drunks dropped their coins?

  • ralph kinnion
    ralph kinnion   1 weeks ago

    George Washington has probably been there he might have lost one of them

  • MrDuffy81
    MrDuffy81   1 weeks ago

    What state is this in, guys?

  • Soul Fly
    Soul Fly   1 weeks ago

    holy shit I thought that was a fat pig sal in the field !!!!!! it was just an overly obese fat buddy

  • Hells Reaper
    Hells Reaper   1 weeks ago

    Half of these videos are so fake, I know of them going out burying old coins they bought on eBay then they go back a couple weeks later they dig it up like they some kinda Indiana Jones

  • Angela White
    Angela White   1 weeks ago

    Where are you guys digging?? What state??

  • Chris D'heygere
    Chris D'heygere   2 weeks ago

    didn't know it was possible in USA... great job guies..

  • Sylvia Jones
    Sylvia Jones   2 weeks ago

    That is amazing! Is there a way to find old documents to see what possibly could have been there?

  • Ted Ex
    Ted Ex   2 weeks ago

    Really enjoyed the video Hoover Boys,thanks.Quick question: Who's head is on the Connecticut coins ?Thanks,and I hope this year you hit paydirt.

  • Ron Cooper
    Ron Cooper   2 weeks ago

    Count me in as a new subscriber! Loved the finds! And loved the enthusiasm! After watching this I'm ready to run right and buy a metal detector! That was crazy! The USA button was really the cherry on top of the sweet sweet dessert that field was serving up! Good show, mates!

  • James Price
    James Price   2 weeks ago

    Anyone think this might be the sight of a battle? buttons and coin?

  • crazy cowgirl
    crazy cowgirl   2 weeks ago

    should see the things they find in the fields of Danmark

  • Mike Badua
    Mike Badua   3 weeks ago

    Wow, exercising, finding treasures, having fun, bonding, and having lots of fun I'm gonna buy metal detector and a farm in Midwest and start hunting for old coins. Keep it up guys

  • dana f.
    dana f.   3 weeks ago

    It's the field of dreams!!!!!

  • Martyn J-C
    Martyn J-C   3 weeks ago

    Great site ... and nothing better than getting out with mates and having a lot of fun with good finds.

  • Dawn FKA hamilton-doerfler

    That’s cool that y’all do this activity together. I hope you can mentor some young teens and bring them into your group to keep them out of trouble or depression from not having activities to do.

  • sweetpg2009
    sweetpg2009   3 weeks ago

    Why are there some holes in the coins and what is the significance?

  • daystatesniper01
    daystatesniper01   3 weeks ago

    I love you guys enthusiasm , but what are these things worth?

  • Marc Kenner
    Marc Kenner   3 weeks ago

    What is the significance of the coins with holes?

  • Erick Hayden
    Erick Hayden   4 weeks ago

    Kurt, what’s your favorite big and small coil for your Max?

  • Snarkapotamus
    Snarkapotamus   1 months ago

    The way you pluck finds out of the holes of the other guys is kinda're taking away part of their experience every time you do that. They may never complain, but I'd bet they all wish you wouldn't.