Democrat: I'll vote for border barriers

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • In an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow, freshman Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) said she's willing to vote for some funding for physical barriers on the US-Mexico border. #CNN #News
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  • Nick Bauer
    Nick Bauer   14 hours ago

    Reading these comments, I realize liberals have lots and lots of potty-mouths and profanity, but no real arguments. I always wondered how their mothers let them grow up with such vile language? I guess they were simply all spoiled brats who always got their way at home. Maybe there were no dads at home? Too bad. That's a bad way to raise kids. They grow up unable to handle the hardships of life and its' disappointments. I guess that's why most of them don't go very far in life.

  • Nick Bauer
    Nick Bauer   14 hours ago

    Here is an interesting thought: The employees laid off/furloughed, etc. in this partial government shutdown, were all considered to be "non-essential" personnel. If they are, in fact, non-essential, why are they even being employed in the first place? No private company would hire employees it considers to be non-essential. Perhaps we can do without their "services" altogether?" Time for these bloated bureaucrats to look for work in the private sector and find out what is like when your employer expects you to actually produce results. :)

  • Nick Bauer
    Nick Bauer   14 hours ago

    The Dems plotted to destroy Trump...and failed. The old liberal media plotted to destroy Trump....and failed. Hollywood plotted to destroy Trump....and failed. The now-corrupt CIA plotted to destroy Trump....and failed. The now-corrupt FBI plotted to destroy Trump....and failed. The list goes on and on and on. By now, it should be clear to anyone that President Trump CANNOT be destroyed or removed from office. Anything the libs try will fail. My opinion: Trump is being directly protected by God and cannot be destroyed by any weak, flimsy, human means. Not even the demons can stand against him. I'm sure they are trying to behind the scenes though...and failing miserably just like their human liberal allies. One thing, the Godless liberals never understood is that not believing in God doesn't diminish him one bit. It doesn't reduce his power over humanity one iota. If he wishes to raise up a great leader for an important task to be done, then nothing can be done to bring that leader down. He will complete his mission regardless of what mere human beings try to do to sabotage or interfere with it. "The Lord will cause your enemies to be defeated before your face. They will come against you from one direction but flee from you in seven." - Deuteronomy 28:7

    BLUE MOXIE   1 days ago

    Let's call the WALL a Super Funn Barrier....

  • Audie
    Audie   1 days ago

    I won't. Open the Fed.

  • Carol Williams
    Carol Williams   1 days ago

    The goal was $1 BILLION - - ONLY $20 MILLION has been donated. According to the opening terms:"When the campaign was created, the campaign organizer specifically stated on the campaign page, 'If we don't reach our goal or come significantly close we will refund every single penny,'" GoFundMe told CNN. "He also stated on the campaign page, '100% of your donations will go to the Trump Wall. If for ANY reason we don't reach our goal we will refund your donation.'""That did not happen. This means all donors will receive a refund," GoFundMe told CNN.As of Sun, Jan 13, 2019 - - the money is slated to be refunded.

  • Cale Lambert
    Cale Lambert   1 days ago

    Unfortunately, this is MY congresswoman.. And we saw her fake ass coming too..I tried to warn my community about her chameleon-ass too but everyone was like "oh no, she's a FORMER Republican that just got sick of it so she switched"... WRONG.. she's a DINO out to sabotage us.

  • DirtyWingGamer
    DirtyWingGamer   2 days ago

    Democrats are so dumb lol... trump compromised from a billion wall to a 5.2 billion wall in negotiations which every single border security officer and expert has said a wall will massively change the game. Trump has also given into democrat demands of border security. Yet the democrats dont move an inch because he wants something that he promised during his campaign speech and wants to see him fail rather than protect the american people. Nancy and chuck literally said trump could offer them anything, even everything they wanted and they will still say no if he wants the wall (which border patrol and defence forces have been begging about for years). Not to mention in 2009 they both went to congress and demanded for walls. Also btw trump has said he would take 100% of the blame for this shutdown and he will not blame the democrats for it. The democrats are fully blaming trump yet making sure that he doesn't get anything that he wants.

  • El Chapo alv
    El Chapo alv   2 days ago

    How tf did my fellow americans let the only person in history to bankrupt a casino run our country😒😒

  • The Light Side
    The Light Side   2 days ago

    If the government is issuing checks for $0.00, then that just illustrates that they're incompetent and need to not only be shut down temporarily, but fired permanently. The amount they spend on the postage, envelopes, and worthless checks would probably fund half of the Wall.

  • Timothy Johnson
    Timothy Johnson   2 days ago

    Fix the problem get rid of trump or the next time the baby wants something he's going to shut the government down again. Don't reward his bad behavior.

  • red or blue pill
    red or blue pill   2 days ago

    All politicians left and right are puppets dont get confused in the belief they actually care

  • Britney Dockery
    Britney Dockery   2 days ago

    It’s like everyone is ignoring everything the trump and the government is supposed to be doing because we are to focused on this silly wall situation that has been carrying on for 2 years now. Seems like a big as distraction now.

  • Nick Bauer
    Nick Bauer   2 days ago

    Fox News is now the Number One Cable Network. Note that is NUMBER ONE CABLE NETWORK, NOT JUST NUMBER ONE CABLE NEWS NETWORK. CNN, on the other hand, has ratings lower than that of the Food Network (seriously). If there is still a grown-up businessman at CNN as a CEO, it is time he did the math and made some positive changes - namely get rid of the left-wing lunatics who made the network unwatchable and unprofitable and start bringing in actual journalists again to represent real NEWS, not warped leftist narratives that have no basis in reality. Otherwise, the network will simply go Chapter 11 in a couple of years and disappear altogether. Of course, maybe it would be even more fun if it got bought up by Fox, restructured, and then re-launched as Fox News-2! :)

  • Nick Bauer
    Nick Bauer   2 days ago

    I can see why CNN's ratings are lower than the Food Network (Seriously, they really are. Go look it up if it you don't believe me). :)

  • J.E Tony
    J.E Tony   2 days ago

    I don't trust this Lady Re. Hill, she seems like an undercover Republican who pretends to be Democrat. She's possible a 🐍 in a green grass 😢

  • Bigbaps Mac
    Bigbaps Mac   2 days ago

    A big beautiful Lego wall now I would get behind that no matter how much it cost

  • Eddie Thurmond
    Eddie Thurmond   2 days ago

    Let the whining lil bitch whin and throw his lil baby fits and let him walk out with a d!©k in his ass know dam WALL on the border. Bet NY STATE got several prisons with walls waiting on ya bitch ass

  • Steve Holland
    Steve Holland   2 days ago

    90% of the drugs coming into America are coming in threw legal ways of entry ? How do they get these numbers ? I mean YES we know about everyone who was caught . But wouldn't it be impossible to even have a clue to how may did not get caught ?

  • Cofefe
    Cofefe   2 days ago

    Katie Hill is a fake Democrat. She switched parties just to get elected. Proof positive that Californians are a special kind of stupid for voting for her.

  • K Deronimo
    K Deronimo   2 days ago

    I like how theres a trial going on in NY about how drugs cross the boarder, footnote: aided by the gov, and yet no of the testimony or DOJ intel is being considered to secure the boarder. Basically drugs are not dangerous, only DNA mixing is: said every MAGA donner.

  • Adam Nelson
    Adam Nelson   2 days ago

    Do not give into his bullying. Trump is using American workers like tools to press his false narratives.

  • K Deronimo
    K Deronimo   2 days ago

    i like how all the black people in this video are service workers.

  • Dane Hart
    Dane Hart   2 days ago

    13 billion to build homes in the middle east vs .money for wall ,water in flint .old ,sick ,vets ,welfare ,schools , roads . budget is a mess

  • I Smith
    I Smith   2 days ago

    This is not the fault of the Dems period! This media person is one of the reasons Trump won, giving the Republican and Trump agenda validity when it's obviously ridiculous. NO money for barriers period! IMPEACH if warranted after Mueller report is finalised. Again, the media is doing trumps bidding as they did in 2016.

  • Russ Wilson
    Russ Wilson   2 days ago

    Way to stake out a position on absolutely nothing.

  • Russ Wilson
    Russ Wilson   2 days ago

    CNN -Fuck off. Dems -don't cave to this. There is no strategy to it. Cave now, and they will use it again. And again. Rip off the fucking band aid and show the GOP why this is a stupid idea.

  • Bish Kumar
    Bish Kumar   3 days ago

    I will vote for full funding for physical barriers on the US-Mexico border. We spent Trillions of Dollar on War and Democrat never talked or opposed it. Its just that they hate Trump and they will Oppose anything which Trump will ask for.

  • Stephen Anderson
    Stephen Anderson   3 days ago

    Education is a huge crisis in our country even more so FACTS. The geology of the border area is not the same and with landowner issues these barriers will take years to start because of the lawsuits from eminent domain. Republicans look like they are being punked by Trump and scared to challenge him. Republican senators you will regret not speaking up when you look at the TV on election night 2020 and Democrats keep the House and regain the Senate and the White House.

  • Ez-8
    Ez-8   3 days ago

    This chic don't know what she wants.Being to carefull not to step on "small hands square pants" line.You do it like this: yes on money for border security hell no on any kind of money for a do nothing wall.

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith   3 days ago

    I’m with Rep. Hill on this. Sure I’ll approve some barrier funds with a comprehensive immigration package. But OPEN THE GOVERNMENT first! You get NOTHING if you use federal workers as a political chip! It doesn’t matter what party the president is.