Simple drawings 🌹 Art Drawing Tutorial #7 Most Amazing Art Video 🍒 How to Draw Easy Step by Step!

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

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  • Morgane HLR
    Morgane HLR   1 days ago

    '' dessins simples que tout le monde sauf moi peut dessiner !

  • 詠善
    詠善   1 days ago


  • Michaela Lindner
    Michaela Lindner   2 days ago

    Has the person who draws the little simple pictures(like the house with the balloons ) an own channel?

  • Malak Walid
    Malak Walid   3 days ago

    Hi,this channel always gives me an inspiration to draw

  • MISS Fabii
    MISS Fabii   4 days ago

    Also bitte ich kann nicht mal ein Kreis zeichnen😅😂

  • Mikayla Khuy
    Mikayla Khuy   5 days ago

    4:50 sorry but kind of a trypophobia warning...

  • Lily Snow
    Lily Snow   5 days ago

    Yo con mi poca paciencia... No puedo ni trazar una línea porque me sale mal XD

  • potter
    potter   6 days ago

    Your intro is stolen from a russian kids tv show. You thought you'll get away with it.

  • Jacinth Tirzah
    Jacinth Tirzah   6 days ago

    Whrere shall i go and get those colours??🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Foxi Smile
    Foxi Smile   6 days ago

    Итак! Напишу какой-то бред чтоб американцы не чего не поняли! Хотя видео супер! Мне понравилось!

  • Bella Robertson
    Bella Robertson   6 days ago

    Did they just leave that spot on the lime white "OCD SHOOK "

    BONGSU KIM   6 days ago

    Wow kuty is it cat고양잘그린다

  • Shelby Eades
    Shelby Eades   6 days ago

    Oh I wish I could do that amazing ombré thing with water colors. But I'm more confident in acrylics and oils😂 stunning and beautiful work tho. Best of luck to your future in this talent

  • GjenitaD
    GjenitaD   6 days ago

    Why There Are So Many Cats Arts