Cooper Got a NEW Car... HINT: It Has a TURBSKIE!

  • Published on: December 27 Des 201

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  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith   4 hours ago

    Wow he looked very impressed to be GIVEN a supra..... 🙄🤨 good god smile man! You live a life people DREAM about!

  • Jacoby Barnes
    Jacoby Barnes   1 days ago

    I got the best sticker idea stay alive don't tune in Drive

  • Dale Doe
    Dale Doe   2 days ago

    Ive had 2 mk3 supras and worked on a ton love them

  • bob bobo
    bob bobo   2 days ago

    The MKIII is highly underappreciated. Looks tight with MKIV wheels. Really clean car, thats pretty crazy.

  • bob bobo
    bob bobo   2 days ago

    Coopers like man, finally getting that blonde with big titties! Oh fuck its a MkIII...

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller   6 days ago

    Im like cooper and love unique/niche cars(daily a 335d, got an rx8 that is getting an rx7 swap, Building a ls400 as my drift car, and a toyota sequoia that is lifted and my offroad/tow vehicle). Only supra I would want is a mk3 and thats mainly because my dad had one very similar to this one exempt manual when I was a kid. Still going to build one at some point in my life but I got enough projects going on in my life haha

  • jay poma
    jay poma   1 weeks ago

    What difference from the MK III to the MK IV

  • Mike Beemer
    Mike Beemer   1 weeks ago

    And I quote u can’t be a ricer in a Supra

  • alcoolaid
    alcoolaid   1 weeks ago

    Shoulda said 2jz no shit when he popped the hood

  • Brad Young
    Brad Young   1 weeks ago

    It will decimate all after overnight parts from japan! Lmfao. Good for you cooper i love n miss my mk3 it was my pride n joy from kate teens to late 20s. 7m can be beast but try out a 1.5jz truust me

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers   1 weeks ago

    Awesome gift! I loved my 91 Supra too!!! Wish I still had it!

  • jmhm17
    jmhm17   1 weeks ago

    Wtf.. did he even say thank you? Bro I would of been in tears!

  • Oscar .P.
    Oscar .P.   1 weeks ago

    So awesome to see a mk3 supra on this channel! This has been my dream car since my brother had one years ago. Red 91 turbo manual

  • Timothy Oldmeadow
    Timothy Oldmeadow   1 weeks ago

    my exact car :o blue interior, white, 7M turbo auto, but I'm in Aus and it's RHD. Nearly as clean but not quite, one day I hope for it to be as tidy as this one.

  • Kevin Taylor
    Kevin Taylor   1 weeks ago

    Super cool, way to hook up your brother man!

  • Axel Dupon
    Axel Dupon   1 weeks ago

    i remember when ur c7 was on the youtube channel every video. Sad times that we don't rly get to see it much.

  • joniexd
    joniexd   1 weeks ago

    but it’s an auto I mean I know manuals are hard to find but what’s the point of a turbo supra with an auto

    FEASTJAPAN   2 weeks ago

    Love this version of the Supra, just has that boxy era lines that still work to this day. We shipped a few to the USA. On one of the cars it still had the pre-delivery door panel and sill plate plastics still attached. Funny how some owners in Japan try and to preserve that new look.

  • Ramie Harris
    Ramie Harris   2 weeks ago

    Automatic, cooper still cant do a burnout lol

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez   2 weeks ago

    Can’t wait to see y’all at Chicago in street car take over, I’m really hoping I can show you what this supras lil brother MR2 can do just know that MK3 supra was my dream car as well 😍😍 hellll yeeeaaaaah brother see y’all then

  • Ice Spill
    Ice Spill   2 weeks ago

    Now get him a proper haircut! <3

  • Pablo668
    Pablo668   2 weeks ago

    Someone hug Holley for me.

  • Kendall
    Kendall   2 weeks ago

    I wanna come there so bad

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle   2 weeks ago

    That was a nice gesture! Well done Cleetus and the team and Cooper :)

  • aaron m
    aaron m   2 weeks ago

    damn thats clean i want one 🤔

  • No Way
    No Way   2 weeks ago

    It don't run 14s stock lol

  • jdcope68
    jdcope68   2 weeks ago

    Swap in a manual trans with the 2J while you are at it. The auto is just sad.